Commercial Real Estate, Business & Equipment Financing


At Gallagher Associates we advise our clients of the most cost effective way to finance the purchase of commercial real estate. Consulting with us gives the client several advantages:


    1~ We qualify the deal.  There are various low cost, long term programs available from the private and public sectors. We will tell you what you qualify for. In many cases, we arrange financing for up to 90% of the deal, (purchase price, renovations & eligible closing costs).

    2~ Can the deal be financed? At no cost, we will analyze the financial data needed. Why waste time? We let our clients know if, in our opinion, the deal can be financed. We get to the bottom line fast.

    3~ If the deal can be done, working with Gallagher Associates opens the deal up to numerous lenders, both banks and non-banks. We work with all government agencies and assist with paperwork and applications. As part of the deal, we also help negotiate our clients' working capital needs.

Potential clients often tell us their present bank will finance the deal. Our response is "as compared to what?" In a deal of six or seven figures, even a slight reduction in interest rates can amount to a substantial savings over the term of the mortgage.


This is our only business. We do not do this as a sideline to something else. If you are thinking of expanding, relocating, or re-financing your present facility, contact us. We'll be glad to evaluate your deal (at no cost). We can save you both money and time.

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Islandia, NY  11749