Commercial Real Estate, Business & Equipment Financing

*indicates multiple financing's

A.A.Jacobsen, *AArco, ABC Display, Able Electronics, Able Management, Aboff's Inc., Absolute Fire, Access Elevator, Accurate Fire Protection, Accurate Industrial, Accurecord, Advance Pharmaceutical, ADM Productions, AFA Protective Systems, AFCO Precast, AGA Management, A.G. Mastercrafts, Aladdin Packaging, Aldo's Auto Repair, Allard Avionics, Allen Industries, Allied Knife Grinding, All Join Corp., AllState Gasket, AllState Sign & Plaque, All Systems Brake, Alumitech, American Container Concepts, American Cube Corp., *American Scholar, American Storage, American Technical Corp., *American Tissue, *Ameriprise Financial, Amity Mall, Dr. Carl Anthony, Anthony’s Closets, Apelco, API Electronics, A-Plus Sheet Metal, Aquanon, Arma Container Corp., Amana Tool Corp., Anchor Industrial, Art League of Long Island, Artisan Stone Works, Artray Label, Assemblyonics, Astro Electroplating, A.T. Asphalt, Atlantic Fluid Power, Ausco Inc., A.U.V. Realty Corp., Avery Associates, Avionics, *AW Auto Parts, Aztec Industries, Bagatta Insurance, Bain Mechanical, Bakery Machinery Distributors, Banner Metal Craft, Barad Auto Industries, *Barocas Aircraft Parts, Bayview fuel Oil, Baywood Publishing, Beau International, Benit Fuel, Beseme Products Corp., Bestek Theatrical, Beyer Graphics, B&G Machine Co., Bianculli & Sons Sanitation, Bill Jay Machine Tool Corp., BJG Electronics, Blue Point Tool & Supply, Boatland, *Bob & Fred's Collision, Bohemia Plumbing & Heating, B. Oshrin & Brothers, Botticelli Builders, Bradley Business Forms, Brandon Associates, Brady Overhead Doors, Bread of Life, Breaktime Refreshments, Breathing Aids, Brentwood Country Club, Brick & Rail Restaurant, Bridal Expos Inc., Bridgeport Merchandise, Bristol Sports, Broadway Neon Sign, 1020 Brooklyn Avenue Realty, Broomer Research Labs, Broskie Inc., Brother's Waste Services, Budco Enterprises, Burns, Russo & Reardon, Busby Metals, Cables Unlimited, Caddylack Systems, C&C Homecare, C&C Collision, Calico Cottage Inc., Cam Graphics, Cameo Printing, Canal Alarm Devices, Candelwood Industries, Capp Electric, Capy Machine, Dr. Louis Cardi, Cardoza Plumbing, Castella Imports, Inc., Castle Specialties, *Cecere Funeral Home, Cedar Graphics, Celebrity Moving,  Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Inc., Certified Transmission, Dr. Chanin, Charlie's Home Center, Checker's Restaurant, Chemstar, Chemtrex Industries, Circle Lubricants, Clintrak, Clover Graphics, Cohen Fashion Optical, Colonie Plastics Corp., Consolidated Printer, C&M Catering, C&S Building Services, Coastal Plastics Corp., Colony Bar, *Colony Import, Command Components, Communicator Telephone, Compucon Distributors, Compare Foods, Connecticut Machine Products, *Consac (Country Life), Contract Pharmacal, Cookies United, Copy X-Press, Corner Electronics, Corporate Interiors, *Corporate Transport, Corwood Labs, Costella Imports, Country Printer, Courtesy Foods, Cousins Furniture, Craftsmen Fence, Craz Woodworking, CRC X-ray, Creative Juices, Cross Country Computer, CVD Equipment, *Daily Business Products, D.A.J. Foods, Danmar Components, Data Prep, Davis & Hersh, Day Drug & Surgical, D&C Annuals, DEA Products, Debco Plastics, Dr. Michael Delman, Delta Computer, Den Enterprises, DeRosa Fabrications, *Design Distributors, Diamond Security, *Die Boards Inc., Dimension Associates, *Display Presentations, Display Products Inc., Distributors for Ceilings & Floors, D.J. Dental, D.L. Mudd Inc., DM Architects, Dumpsters For Less, *Dunhill Staffing Systems, Duraclean Corp., Dutch Girl Cleaners, Dry Branch, Dymacol Inc., Dynatech International,  Eagle Beef Cloth, East Islip Paint & Wallpaper, EDR Industries, Electro Dynamics, Ellcom, *Elm Freight, Elmont Electric, ELPA Builders, Empire Industries, Empire Storage, Enchanted Parties, Euro Cleaners, Eurotech Industries, Excelsior Gardens, Excel Tech Mobil, Fabrotech Industries, Famous Horse, Inc., Farmingdale Auto, Farmrite Farm Products, Fashion Knit, F&F Associates, F&F Realty Corp., *F&H Manufacturing, Fifth Avenue Paving, Finishline Technologies, Fire Guard of Long Island Inc., Fire Island Design, Inc., First Manufacturing, Flagship Yachts, Flexmaster Aluminum Awning Co. Inc., F. P. L. Service Corp., Flow X-Ray, Fragrancenet, FrameMica, Frankel, Loughran, Starr & Vallone Accounting, Friedman & Friedman Insurance, Future Generations, G.A.F. Seelig, Gam-A-Bout, Garrison Protective Services, Gentry Manufacturing Inc., Gianco Ltd. (Captree Chemical), Gilbert Displays, *Giove Funeral Home, G. Marks Hardware, Global Stone, Gordon Industries, Gordon L. Seaman Inc., Gutman & Mintz, Harley Davidson of Suffolk, Harpscreen, Harry Krantz Co. Inc., Hauppauge Computer, Hawkeye, Heritage Flooring, H&E Equipment, Hicksville Subaru, High Tech Business Systems, HiLo Yale, HiLume, HiTemp Brazing, HiTemp Specialty Metals, Hirsch International, HK Precision, Home Energy, Home Tile Center, Huron Tool, Ideal Bottled Gas, Industry One, Sam Infantino, Infashions Inc., *Infra Structures Inc., Innovative Premuims, Institute for Rational Counseling, Instruments for Industry, Intercounty Bakers, Interpharm Inc., Intelecom US, InterCounty Glass, InterCounty Mechanical Corp., International Aircraft, International Jet Interiors, International Patterns, *Interstate Litho Corp., Islandwide Collision, Island Construction, Island Recreational, Island Technology, Issco Corp., Jaguar Graphics, Janco Press, Jarco Industries, *Jasco, JC Auto Sales, J.B.M. Honing, J&D Brush, Jodee Plastics, Joe-Anne Co. International, Josh Packaging, JMG Transmission, JMR, J&M Ready Mix, *JVC Auto Collision, Jzanus LTD., Kabco Inc., Kalmon Dolgin, Kamco, KD Management, Kelly & Hayes Electrical, Keno Realty, Key Components, KIMCO, Kiss Products, Kitchenscapes, Knudson Elevator, *Koch Insurance Agency, Kozy Shack, Kristeel Construction, Lake Liquors, LaMascotte, Lamparter, Lamp Technology, Lancer Folding Boxes, Lanco, Larkfield Lumber, Laro Maintenance, La-Rue Sales, L.B.A. Trading, L.D. Flecken, L&G Storage, LeMans Industries, Levitt & Associates, Levon Graphics, Liberty Automotive, Liberty Moving & Storage, Lifemed/Medlife, Lighthouse Support Services, Lily Popcorn, Living Color, LKGS Marketing, *Long Island Butter & Egg, Long Island Office Equipment, Long Island Statuary, L&S Packing, Lumber Realty, Luna International, Maiolo Marble, March Electronics, Marine Center, Marine Coolers, Martin & Martin, Marullo & Sons, Marvin's Auto Craft, Mary Ann Development, Massapequa Optometric Care, Mast Distributors, Matco, Maureen's Kitchen, Mazzocca Tile, McKeon Rolling Steel Door, McVeigh Associates, Medigas, Mega Cabinets, Mercer Tool Corp., Merlin Printing, Merrick Cinemas, Messana Business Products, Metavac Inc., Metro Door, Metrostar Distribution, Mica Experience, Inc. Micro Giant Technologies, Mid Island Floral Supply, Miracle Wash Towel, Miro Enterprises, MJK Electronics, MVS Mailers, M. Pace Realty, Dr. Nirmala Mitra, Modern Italian Bakery, Mount Rose Ravioli, Nassau Fire Apparatus, Nassau/Suffolk Airport Connection, Nassau Sports Care, Nassau Turf Vehicle, Nationwide Cellular, Nationwide Displays, Network Adjusters, Inc., New Breed, New Horizon Graphics, New York Hauling & Hoisting, New Horizons, Next Generation Graphics, Northport Baking, NorthEast Communications, North Shore Components, NovaStar, Oak Furniture, OGM Cosmetics, Omega Displays, *Omega Moulding, Omni Technical Services, OptiSource, Orelube, Over & Back, Oxford Collections, *Oyster Bay Manor, Package Fulfillment, Papiro Landscaping, Paradox Litho Graphics, Paramount Concrete, Peak Power, Perceptive Concepts, Peter's Best, Petland Discounts, Photoline, Pier 44 Restaurant, Plainview Fire Department, Plastic Products, Plastic Products & Tooling, PMA Industries, PMT Forklift, Point Iron Works, Polar Island, Pond Aristel Associates, Pratt Brothers, P&R Realty, Preferred Transportation, *Premiere Store Fixtures, Prescot Metal, Progressive Hardware, Q-Mobile Automotive, Quality Business Systems, Quality Deli Corp., Quality Sheet Metal, Ran-Mar Recognition Systems, Reese Letter Service, Red Castle Bakeries, *Redwin Industries, Renarts Sneakers, Revolver LTD., Rick's Action Sports Right Computer, Rite-Off, Rochem International, Rockville Centre Gymnastics, Dr. Jose Rodriguez, Roll Up Shutters, Roma Inc., Rona Tech, *Roselli Moving, Royal Products, Royal Offset Repair, Rudan Displays, Rugs America, Russo, Fox & Karl, Safca Displays, Sal's Auto Body, Salsbury Sales, Sam Tell & Son, Scheine Law Firm, Scott’s Carpet, S.D.S. Co., Inc., Seaman Electric, Shanker Industries, She Shop, Sirob Imports, S&J Supply, Skippers Restaurant, Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply, A Space Place, Soccer Sports, Inc., South Shore Dialysis Center, Sons of Italy, Spadaro Funeral Home, Spartan Displays, Spec Stationary, Spice House, *Stafford Enterprises, Standard Neo-Lite, Stanley Steamer, Stanper Foods, Stardent Dental Lab, *Strathmore Bagels, Strawberry Fields Restaurant, Suffolk Maintenance, *Summit Plastics, Sunrise Pro Shop, Sunrise-Sunset Inc., S&V Knits, TAE-Trans Atlantic Electronics, Inc., *Tam Communcations, T.A.Morris Sons, Inc.,  Tasty Bread, T.D.H. LaFayette, Tebbens Steel, Tesser Textile Co., Testa Communications, Theata Industries, Thread Check, Ticket Craft, G. Tiemann & Co., Time Construction, T.J. Signs Unlimited, T & M Fleet Maintenance, Todd Travel Promotions, Touch of Class Printing, Townline Auto Body, Triangle Electronics, Trimland USA, TriPar Manufacturing, Tristan Contracting, Corp.,  Triton Industries, TRP Machine, Tutor Time, *Two Brother's Scrap Metal, *Two Cousins Fish Market, Ultravet Diagnostics, Unique Printing, United Overseas Corp., Universal Phototonics, US Air Tool Co., Valley Stream Sporting Goods, Van Houten Construction, Vasomedical, Ventura Group, Vica Enterprises, *Maurice Villency, Vinifera Imports, Vin-Mar Precision, Visiak, Wachtel Biscuit, Ward Concepts, *Watral Brothers, Waverly Iron, Wayne Metal Craft, Weber Audio Visual, We Do Windows, Welikson, Rosen Law Firm, We'll Manage Inc., *Wenner Bread, WHG Restaurant, Whiting Laminates, Winepol & Son, Winston Limo, York Dental, Yorktown Distributors, Young’s Liquors.

100 Corporate Plaza
Islandia, NY  11749